Saturday, January 21, 2017

this 'n that...

Julie's pears from last summer ...

inspired a drawing I'm working on in Pen & Ink Class.

And it's time for my Grandmother's plant to bloom.  

Many blooms this time.

Popping up all over!  

and Henri watching it all...

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Practicing lettering...

Practicing for Calligraphy class
I love "Uncial" lettering.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Yesterday's Collage Class

Marge showed us how to make "bubble paper"...

and her beautiful results...

I decided to try for some wintery colors to use in a collage...

Here, Lora Lee is almost finished with this beautiful piece.

Nancy's lovely scene is ready to hang on the wall.  Beautiful!

My snowy neighborhood

I had to make these cute little houses that Lois made first and I just had to copy!  Aren't they the cutest!

Ooops...back to December's Journaling Class

Some of Lois' lovely pages,,,

Yvonne had fun with her grid and snowflakes that we did as a stencil...

And didn't get a picture of Joan but love her new little paintings!

Cynthia always had beautiful meanings to her pages...

and me, giving a few hints...

and some of my December pages...

January Journaling

Choosing a favorite word, color, number, animal

an "opening statement"

just a small grid and a quote

and a little collage

Some journaling and the beginning of the grid for the month of January

this and that...

little watercolors

and some favorite things of winter.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Getting ready for classes this week...

Collage class tomorrow and some of the class will be working on an altered book.  Got my background papers made and on!

And then Journaling Class this Friday. 
Always love to do these grids.  Need to do one for December; one square a day just like an advent calendar.

Memories of painting Julie's pears in watercolor class.

And drawing Julie's pears in Pen & Ink class.

Notes about the Art Show and getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Loved this sweet potato recipe and don't want to lose it again so  now it's in my journal!

This 'n That.

My Mom's and my Uncle's birthdays.  Brother and sister, same day, seven years apart.

And it's The Day...

Celebrating Thanksgiving and my birthday.